Date Posted
3rd Sep 2020

Cheersport Team - Adrenalin Spirit

This is a semi-comp team called "Spirit" (they chose the name!) that have been busy learning a routine and skills just like our other competitive teams, working together each week with coach Mackenzie in preparation to compete in Mackay and travel away (compete) with us at a major championship event later this season!

Being semi-comp it is a perfect low cost way for athletes to get to experience what it's like being in a 'cheer' team versus just learning in class - all whilst learning the tips and tricks of the sport and developing their skills. 

As these athletes get to compete next year alongside our other allstar teams the kids can see what the excitement of competitive cheerleading is all about - watching hundreds of teams of all levels/abilities hit the floor with the new routines for the season, cheer on their fellow Adrenalin teams and be centre stage themselves for their performance!

Low cost uniforms, one single training every week and an all ability team - meaning you need ZERO previous cheer experience to join - means this is a truly inclusive experience for all athletes 7yrs and over to be involved in.

The team will have their own allstar qualified coach guiding them through progressions, creating a routine they will excel at and supporting each individual to improve and be a valuable team member....

If this sounds like something you would like to get your child into then please register for the CHEERSPORT sessions in Term 4 to join us in 2022.

The kids at training running their routine and developing there skills.