About Us

Adrenalin has been operating as a local sporting club in Mackay for the past 20 years. We train over 100 athletes every week in competitive divisions as well as offer casual classes for first-time students. 

Our club focus is on creating a 'team' environment where every student is treated equally and we want to see improvement, and enthusiasm and generate excitement and lifelong involvement with our sport as well as make some new friends along the way. 

All of our coaches were competitive athletes and don't just preach skills but had done the hard work themselves and know what the athletes feel and need to succeed and grow. 

We have had great past and present success with our training methods and choreography for our athletes. In years past Adrenalin has taken out numerous national titles, as well as placed and won international championships for both cheerleading and hip hop. 

We would like to introduce you to our club staff and coaches that you may have as your teacher or team coach!

Kelly Munt
Club Owner/ Head Coach
Ashley Fergus
Allstar Dance Judge/Coach
Amber Ansell
Allstar cheer coach, recreational coach
Holly Barry
Allstar cheer coach, recreational coach
Annie Ware
Allstar cheer, dance and recreational coach
Holly Williams
Novice cheer and recreational coach
Jayda Bungay
Novice hip hop dance coach
Kylie Barry
Office Administration Staff