Class Timetables

Please double click the PDF document to enlarge and show both pages of recreational classes available for Term 2 2021. 

All recreational sessions are held on a Saturday morning as weekdays are fully scheduled with our competitive teams trainings. If you are looking to join a competitive team for the next season we recommend attending at least 1 term of recreational classes for a skill base to use for tryouts. 

We have teams of all ages and abilities and use tryouts as a basic skill assessment of each athlete to monitor their progress from one year to the next and it assists us to identify where their skill set is best placed in team(s). 2022 Team tryouts will be held in the second week of the September school holidays this year.

Recreational classes can be joined in mid-term just contact Kelly in the office to organise a mid term start for your sessions at: or DM through our club FB page.

Hope to welcome you at our studio soon!